Dreamy Engagement Photos In Canada’s Rocky Mountains

Considering adding an engagement session to your wedding day package?

It’s that time of the year! The holidays are over and it’s a fresh start to the new year, but you are now placing all your focus on planning your dream wedding. One major step to this journey is choosing your ideal photographer/videographer. As you make this decision there is always an option to add on an engagement session to your package. Well, if you needed a sign to decide to add one, or even keep the one included in your package already, I’m here to tell you some of the main reasons why. Let’s get chatting on all the reasons why you should start planning those dreamy engagement photos in Canada’s Rocky Mountains!

Meet Your Photographer BEFORE Your Wedding

I think this one just explains it as is. Don’t get me wrong I photograph couples every year that can’t make engagement sessions due to many reasons, but let me tell you that it is SO MUCH more enjoyable when you have already met your photographer before your special day. You get to see how they work, how their personalities mix with you and your partners and so on. When you arrive to your wedding day your photographer will just be another familiar face entering the room.

You Will Have Photo’s To Use

This is such a nice touch to your wedding day. Picture this, your guests walk in on your special day and you have blown up photos of you and your partner from your dreamy engagement session. You have the images right for all your guests to admire and truly feel that connection when walking into your ceremony/reception. Printing your photos at your wedding makes your event feel that much more personalized and intimate to your guests. You absolutely can’t go wrong with doing it!

It’s A Fun Date Night

This is a moment to celebrate! The actual engagement has come and past, and sometimes can be such a blur. I tell all my couples to use this as an extra excuse to get dolled up, take yourselves out and just do something that makes the two of you happy. This can be something that takes place during the engagement session or can just be plans afterwards. All I have to say is this milestone only happens once, and you want to make it a memorable one!


High school sweethearts Samie and Charley have grown together throughout the years, from meeting in similar friend groups in middle school to accomplishing their dream careers, and now on the stages of planning their lakeside wedding. This fun mountainside engagement session was planned around organic love, and growing faithfully through out the years; From the natural beauty around them, picturesque landscapes and the hand picked wild florals arrangements. This session didn’t need much to captivate the true love that was radiating from S&C.


FLORALS // Alpenflora

FILM LAB // The Canadian Film Lab

RING // Keyzar Jewellery